West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir

West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir

The West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir is comfortable singing a variety of genres - from gospel, renaissance, spirituals and German Romantic. The Choir believes in supporting Canadian composers, featuring the material of Canadian composer Larry Nickel, in all of their albums.

The Choir has been fortunate to showcase Canada's foremost tenor, Ben Heppner, and Canadian soprano Edith Wiens. The Choir draws on talented singers from around the Lower Fraser Valley; singers from Musica Intima, Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver Cantata Singers, and Valley Festival Singers participated in the choir. They call themselves "an unusual but highly satisfying group to work with!" The West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir has produced 13 albums. The recordings can be heard frequently on CBC, and Sound of Majesty, a radio program from Moody Radio.



"Flawless exhibition of joyous choral singing from this 20 plus strong Canadian outfit. They have fully captured the grace, beauty and sublime qualities of this artform with a refreshing, rare modesty that's a breath of fresh air." - Tony May, crossrhythms.co.uk


And Night Shall End
As Evening Shadows Fall
By Light Indwelled

Carols for the Infant King
Come, Heart's Delight
A Mennonite Tapestry
My Heart, My Home
A Rare Benediction
Songs my Father Taught Me
Songs of Earth, Echoes of Heaven
Through an Open Window
The Time of Eternity
When I was a Child